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Personalization and other forms of variable printing are becoming increasingly important in marketing. Our high quality, high speed laser printers allow us to produce mailpieces with the ultimate in flexibility and efficiency.

For letter type mailings, the name on the letter can be matched with the envelope. If you have a long letter, there can be multiple points of personalization. For example, the text could include the city in which your customer lives on the second page of the letter. In the case of invoices or statements, variable messages are often utilized. Based on the product purchased, method of payment, payment history (dunning), or any other factor that works for you, one or more text message areas can change (and be personalized) for each mail piece. For example, cash customers might be encouraged to utilize a credit card payment program; customers that purchased product A, might be informed that product B is similar or complimentary; customers that haven't paid their bills within a certain time might be given notice that they may be dropped from your continuity shipping program. The only limits are your imagination.

It's not all about advertising. We produce invoices, label bills, postcard appointment reminders, multi-page statements (bank statements, etc), corporate greeting cards, or almost any type of direct mail piece. In combination with our mail-piece design services, we can help you find the best balance between optimizing postage, and achieving your aesthetic design goals.

Whether you're wanting to create a piece that appears hand written, or evokes the utmost professional image, we're here to help.