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Whether you're looking for individuals interested in motor sports or businesses devoted to hang gliding, we can help you find them. Our relationships with the major list vendors allow us to pass on considerable savings to you. There are a variety of list that can be used to make the most of your mailing campaign.

Consumer Mailing Lists

Consumer mailing lists can be targeted many ways. Of course, you can select addresses based on geography, such as zip code, area code, state, county, or even by a distance from an address (for example, 5 miles from your store).

You can also select based on income, type of housing, presence of children, gender or a number of other factors. With all the standard selections, you can often find the new customers you're looking for without having to resort to a specialty list.

That being said, specialty mailing lists do have a lot going for them. You can obtain new mover mailing lists that will let you know the people that have just moved into your area, and are looking for new suppliers for everything they need. As mentioned above, you can also obtain lists of addresses that are specific to certain sports, etc. For example, you can obtain the subscriber list for magazines devoted to hunting, swimming, bicycle racing or many other hobbies and special interests.

The cost for a consumer mailing list is 4 cents/record.

Occupant Lists

An occupant mailing list is a special type of list. This is used when you want to mail using the low "Carrier Route" postage rates, but you also want to have a name on the addresses, if possible.

In general, most generalized mailing lists offer 80-95% coverage of a region. With an occupant list, you will have a record for every address on the carrier's delivery route. The list will have names for those addresses where it is evaluable, and records marked as "Occupant" for the remainder.

The cost for a occupant mailing list is 1 cent/record.

Business Mailing Lists

When you want to do business to business direct mail marketing, you have to start with the right list. Just as with consumer lists, business mailing lists are available in general and specialized forms. General lists will allow selects by geography, type of business (by SIC Code or Yellow Pages heading), number of employees, years in business, annual sales and many other factors. You can also customize a business list. For a little extra, you can select by job title, key contact, and more specific targeting of employee counts, sales volume, etc.

There are also specialized business mailing lists. For example, mailing lists of doctors or school teachers home addresses are very popular. Magazine mailing lists can also give you insight to target business people you want to reach (technology magazines for example.

The cost for a business mailing list is 8.2 cents/record.

There is a $75 minimum charge for a mailing list. If we perform the mailing for you, we will give you a 25% discount off the cost of the mailing list. Contact a sales representative for a price quote, free estimated counts, or answers to any questions you may have regarding mailing lists.