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Churches and some other non-profit organizations receive special discounts from the USPS. If you qualify, you can save an average of 34%. Even if you don't qualify with the USPS, we may offer you the 25% service discount we extend to community service organizations.

We can also help you file the paperwork to certify your group with the USPS. There isn't any charge for this service.

With the discounts involved, we can often provide a full service mailing, with lists, printing, materials, mailing services, and postage for less than you'd pay for just the postage if you did it yourself. We deal with the post office so you don't have to know all their rules and regulations.

As with any customer, you are always welcome to provide any materials you wish. Perhaps you already have a list, or someone donated envelopes. We will be happy to use anything you have, and otherwise work with you to achieve success.