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General Payment Terms

Considering the nature of direct mail services, we are very flexible in our payment methods. Customers can pay by check or other cash equivalent or use one of the online payment options shown below. Other arrangements can also be made, such as check by fax. However, since the USPS postage is usually more than the cost of our services and must be paid up front, all customers must prepay postage or use a CAPS account. In addition, all new customers are expected to prepay for mailing services. Once a relationship is established, some customers may be able to pay on terms.

Refund Policy

This defines our refund policy in general terms, and is not a legal description. To receive a full copy of our policy, contact your customer service representative.

In the event a mailing is canceled, at least one week prior to the mail date, all costs related to mailing services and generic materials will be refunded. Special order materials will be shipped to the customer or maintained in inventory. If a refund is requested less than a week from the mail date, arrangements will be made, based on how far along the work has progressed. If a mailing is canceled at any point prior to delivery to USPS, all prepaid postage will be refunded.

Payment Methods

In order to provide the most secure and flexible payment options possible, Mountain Mailing offers PayPal for credit card processing. Please include your customer code and a description of your payment in the field provided on the next screen.

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