The results of our first round of analysis of the new rates are in. Taking several typical mailings, we have compared the 2007 postage rates with the new 2008 rates. As in previous USPS increases, there isn’t a set percentage across the board.

These examples are meant to give you a “first glance” of the amount of increase for major rate categories. It is not meant to be exhaustive. Your results may be different.

Details by rate. Unless otherwise noted, automation, bar coded rates are assumed.

  • First Class Letter (.75 oz),  2.66%
  • First Class Flat (4 oz), 1.01%
  • First Class Parcel (4 oz), 2.28%
  • Standard Mail Letter (.75 oz), 2.18%
  • Standard Mail Letter (3.5 oz), 0.8%
  • Standard Mail Letter (4 oz). 0.67%
  • Standard Mail Flat (5 oz), 5.31%
  • Standard Mail Mach Parcel (14 oz), 5.34%
  • Non-Profit Letter (2 oz), 1.03% Decrease
  • Non-Profit Flat (4 oz), 0.03%  (5 digit and 3 digit rate decrease)
  • Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route (1.5 oz), 1.13%
  • Non-Profit ECR (2 oz), No Increase
  • Bound Printed Matter (3.3 pounds, 96.5% drop shipped DBMC), 3.44%

We will add other classes and examples as we continue to check the new rates. If you want us to look at a class of mail not listed, please ask. If you have a particular mailing file you’d like analyzed, please contact us.

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