On January 18th, 2009, the USPS will increase their rates on certain services. Overall, there will be a 5 percent increase. Most, but not all the “package services” will be effected. All other classes of mail will not increase until the regularly scheduled increase in May 2009.

Specifically, rates will increase for these classes of mail…

Domestic Services

Express Mail
Priority Mail
Parcel Select
Parcel Return

International Services

Global Express Guaranteed
Express Mail International
Priority Mail International
Airmail M Bags

Surprisingly, Bound Printed Matter rates will not increase, even though it’s package services cousin Parcel Select will. Standard Mail and First Class parcels will also not go up at this time.

The USPS news relase, with links to rate tables and files, can be found here.

Even with this rate increase, the USPS remains one of the best values in shipping. Especially for small parcels. They remain 7-14 percent below their competition in most classes. When comparing bulk rates, the differences can be much higher. Drop shipping and other advanced techniques can lower your costs even more.

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