Well, the details are in on the new USPS rates. As it is every year, there are winners and there are losers.

We all know stamps went up 2 cents (or 4.76%). Overall, the increase is 3.5%. Almost all classes we checked got an increase this year (including the 01/18/09 partial increase). However, not all did.

Most of the the parcel rates already went up on January 18. Bound Printed Matter was not included. BPM Flats are the big winners in the classes we’ve looked at so far. For non destination entry, the per piece rate and almost all the per pound rates went down. Overall, shippers should expect a net decrease of about 2 percent.  For destination entry, the per piece rate went up, but the per pound rates went way down. I would expect a net decrease of 7% for these shippers. On the Parcel side, the non-destination rates went up about 7 percent, but this is offset by a decrease in the per pound rates for destination entry. Our analysis of typical customer files, which include substantial DBMC drop shipments, nets an increase of less than 1 percent.

Unlike last year, non-profits aren’t excempt this year. Average non-profit rates rose by about 4.25%. While this is modest, and in line with the general increase, it’s still not the good news they got last yeat (when they saw decreases).

If you’re tracking the unfolding story of the Intelligent Mail Barcode, there’s news for you here too. Effective 11/29/2009, Full Service IMB shippers will be able to deduct $0.003 per piece for First Class shipments, and $0.001 per piece for Standard Mail. Not a lot, but it adds up.

If you’re interested in a particular class of mail, please leave a comment and we’ll post the details.

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